Eyes on the Prize, Vi.

just twenty days until I enter the MTC

twenty days!

|  insert full range of the human emotions spectrum here  |

I wish I could say its been ever so easy, like since the moment I opened my call, its been a spiritual high and a constant desire to serve a mission and everything has gone smoothly, but that would be lying.

I’ve had so many little things and big things happen that I’m convinced just making to the MTC will be a victory.

While feeding my horrible, horrible, pinterest addiction I came across this quote.


I literally just sat on my bed and cried as I read it over and over again.

Missionary work was never meant to be easy, and if it was, it wouldn’t be worth it.

if you’re getting ready to serve, in the middle of serving, or just trying to do whats right, remember that The Lord is with you and that it will not be easy, but it will be dannnnggggg worth it.

♥ amare sempre, sorella puzey ♥


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